Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not going there

This afternoon, Raelyn was feeling the baby kick. I told her the baby was about "this big" with my hands. I explained that the baby had to fit tight inside my belly. She asked if the baby had to sit in a ball shape to fit inside. So I decided to show her pictures of babies inside the womb so she could get an idea how babies fit inside mommy tummies. I went through a couple of pictures, giving quick explanations about them. We came across one picture and she said "Oh, babies sit upside down?!" My response "Yes, they have to sit head down so they can... Never mind I am going to stop there." I was going to say, babies sit head down because when they are born they come head first. I quickly realized that this is way more than I wanted to tell her. I don't want to get into how babies come out, not yet anyway!


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